What you must know before you buy Fioricet online ?

Following information you must know before you buy fioricet online:

        • You must know the side effects of Fioricet;
        • Never overdose fioricet. The delivery of every pharmacy may need 5 – 7 days to deliver to your door, you need find the best times to order;
        • The pharmacies have strict refill day limitations, you must not refill before your refill day limitation;
        • You must know the total acetaminophen dosage of all medicines you are taking, Acetaminophen overdose will make your liver, kidney, heart seriously damage;
        • Fioricet is hard to be addictive because butalbital in fioricet is limited to 40mg but the addictive dosage of butalbital is 1500mg ( almost 35 tablets of fioricet );
        • Fioricet may have dependency. When you decide not to take fioricet, please go to your doctor to find a method;
        • You should not take fioricet if it is your first time to take fioricet, you must go to your local doctors to check your health conditions to take fioricet. Online Fioricet is only used for refill.
        • If your health conditions changed, you should go to your doctors to check your health conditions before you refill online

You can not be alcohol addictive and you have not take narcotic related drugs.

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